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Just a quick hello!

Hello there!!! I have been super busy, wrangling some BeSpoke Monsters, learning programs on the ipad pro (that explains the featured image) :p I just wanted to say hello, and there seem to be quite a few new people following so hello to you and thank you so much for following!!!!!!  Really, thank you –… Continue reading Just a quick hello!

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Walking and Painting and Monsters, oh my!

That beautiful sunset photo is just one of the spectacular sunsets happening around these parts lately, incredible!!  I know I haven’t done it justice, but it still looks pretty, right? It’s been a while since I posted – that’s because it was a bit crazy busy!!  There was a craft bazaar, monster adoptions and walking… Continue reading Walking and Painting and Monsters, oh my!

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The Monster of Forest City

It was supposed to be a relaxing walk in the mini-forest near our home.  We had walked there many times before, and although we heard about the ‘monster’ of Forest City we were not prepared for what would happen. We heard whispered conversations in the library, margin pencil marks in the city’s history books, but… Continue reading The Monster of Forest City