BeSpoke Monsters

A Monster on a Train


Hendrix 8

Well, this is a post that’s been a long time coming. It’s taken forever to sift through photos, Hendrix is very picky about what photos I post here. On the other hand though, he had such a wonderful memorable time on the train to Ottawa he wants to remember everything.

Lets start at the beginning.

Hendrix boarded the train with us, but didn’t have a ticket. I wasn’t sure what VIA’s Monster-without-ticket guidelines were, but we hoped for the best.

At first, any time the steward passed by, Hendrix did his best to hide behind the curtain;

Hendrix 18

Hendrix 26

Hendrix 30

That seemed to be working and we all began to relax – we were on a wonderful VIA train, VIA One service and enjoying every single minute of it!!

But then, Hendrix got just a little too excited by all the by all the beautiful scenery and jumped at the window:

Hendrix 14

Well…needless to say, our secret was out – we helped a BeSpoke Monster board the train without a ticket – in first class no less!

I’m not sure if she is called a steward or stewardess because she’s a woman, but after some searching through rules and regulations and a very long talk with Hendrix, she issued Hendrix an ‘all-clear’.  Actually they became quite chummy!  The photo is a bit blurry…:

Hendrix 19

With all that cloak and hide-the-monster activity behind us we were free to enjoy the ride and the meal!

There was enough of everything to share with Hendrix, starting with the warm towel.  Hendrix used this with relish (not the condiment, that would be silly):

Hendrix 25

Hendrix 22

Hendrix 23

Hendrix 24

Now I didn’t realize this, but BeSpoke Monsters are allowed to drink, and allowed to drink on VIA trains.  Hendrix loves VIA now.  Here he is with his before and during dinner wine:

Hendrix 12

Hendrix 29

And then the meal, we had delicious well cooked wonderful meals.  Hendrix, however, seemed only interested in bread and treats:

Hendrix 17

Hendrix 16

He wanted to save the next two (for what or when I don’t know – he still has them, hidden under a cool whip lid at the back of the fridge):

Hendrix 15

Hendrix 11

After the meal and wine, we all became sleepy…relaxed and maybe even a little introspective.  Hendrix has a habit of looking out of windows and thinking:

Hendrix 10

Well that’s just about it, Hendrix wanted to make sure I wrote that he loved LOVED that trip and thinks VIA Rail rocks.  He’s right, we all agree!  We can’t wait for our next adventure!

Until then have a wonderful day, night and the next day…

Be happy and a little silly!

Hendrix 32


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