BeSpoke Monsters

Hendrix Searches for Meaning…and Other Stuff

Hello hi hello and hey there!

So yes, yes, I am a bad blogger – it’s been so so long since my last post.  (hmmm this feels a little confession-y doesn’t it?)  Anyway…

See the thing is that the studio and all the BeSpoke Monsters and I moved AGAIN!!  Yup we’ve moved a lot in the past little while but I think we’re here (here = where I am writing from, where the BeSpoke Monsters are ….) for a longer stretch.

I mean I really hope so, do you have any idea the chaos involved with moving a studio full of rowdy, complicated, neurotic BeSpoke Monsters??  Let alone my own rowdy, complicated, neurotic self.  Sheesh!!  (Some monsters will only sit on the right side of a car or van, some will have to be serenaded and told jokes,  some will need special treats just to get in a vehicle – buttered raspberry licorice – and some – like Hendrix – will want to stick their heads out the window for the entire trip).  Well, in the end we all moved and are now basically settled, I think.

I am a little nervous, the monsters seem to congregate more than they used to…they sit and speak in hushed tones, then when I happen to walk by or right up to them they stop and just stare at me!

monster group 2

See what I mean?  For the most part they are all looking at me in a kind of blank manner…very unusual, or at least a ‘new’ monster thing.  Notice though that Kingsley (the green and pink monster) is staring off to the left?  I think he gets confused.

In any case it is not like them to congregate like that for any length of time, they are usually spread out all over the studio, or when they do get into groups they end up arguing about something. Well, I suppose I will have to wait and see what’s up, but I will keep you posted.

Hendrix too has been a little subdued.  I think the moving has caused him to start thinking more philosophically about life and has begun searching for meaning.

hendrix 3I had to tell him that that book in particular probably wasn’t what he thought it was…sigh.  He put it back and, well just sat there – thinking I suppose, although he looks a little sad to me – or lost maybe.

Hendrix 1

So in my mistaken worry for Hendrix, I asked Sad Carl if he thought Hendrix was feeling sad – I figured he’d know.  But all I could get out of Sad Carl was:

“I don’t know…did you try pickles? ‘Cause I know he loves pickles – do I like pickles?  Isn’t it sad that I don’t even know if I like pickles or not?  Maybe I should try some…do you have pickles?  Gosh if you don’t have pickles, Hendrix IS gonna be sad.  Maybe you should check.  Could I try one if you have some?  Are pickles good? Are they orange, I’m not sure I like orange things…is that sad?”

Sad Carl 2

I slowly backed away from Sad Carl, to let him continue his ruminations (he does that for hours at a time) and checked the fridge for pickles – we had some!!  I gave the jar to Hendrix who immediately perked right up and was back to his old self, I left him to give a pickle to Sad Carl.

So that’s about it.  We are all fairing rather well after the move and expect to be posting a lot more now that we’ve found what we believe is a good sturdy home.

I expect Hendrix will be writing a post or two now that he knows that his basic need for pickles will most certainly be met.  Whew!!

So there we are, actually, here we are and there you are – where ever it is that you are, that is.


And with that, please keep well and happy



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