BeSpoke Monsters

Christmas 2014 and beyond…

Hello and happy holidays to everyone!

We’ve all been busy doing holiday stuff, and the monsters have had a busy time.  Here’s what’s been happening.

First – we had a party – yup a full-fledged BeSpoke Monster Adoption Party.  Smuggly B.L.M. Monster was adopted into a fabulous home where he will be ridiculously happy.  Oh, if you don’t remember or know who Smuggly is, here’s a photo:


Such a cutie!!!

After the party, Sad Carl was kind of embarrassed that he didn’t make anything for the party.  I mean we had cake, there is always cake, but he didn’t personally make anything.  So he’s been reading a cookbook that we got from a friend.  He’s been reading it for a good week…he’s a slow reader, Sad Carl likes to savour every word, think about it, put it into other sentences and so on.  It seems it will be a while before he attempts to make anything.  At least it’s keeping him busy and maybe just a little bit less sad.

Sad Carl Reading

And, to top off the holidays, just before New Years, one of our sweetest and most bouncy BeSpoke Hugs was featured in an Easy Treasury!!!!  Its always such a great thing to be in a treasury, and ever since, the hug in question has been bouncing all over the place, and to it’s credit only two glasses of water have been upended!!  (That’s seriously a record around here!)

Okay so just for continuity sake, here’s a photo of the hug:


And here’s the link to the treasury, it’s called: MONSTER Hugs!  Do please click, if nothing else you will smile, I guarantee it!!

So as the shop gets emptier and quieter with each BeSpoke Monster that goes to a good loving home, the push is on for more and more Monsters!!  We are eagerly awaiting new BeSpoke Monsters in the shop and of course in the studio.

I hope you all have a very safe and happy New Years celebration!!!




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