BeSpoke Monsters

While at The Art Centre

Hello and happy Saturday!

The Monsters have been hanging out at the Art Centre at Westmount Shopping Centre in London, Ontario.  They are having a great time, although being in close quarters with each other has caused some arguments, but they get over them pretty quickly.

Zepher has been being a bit difficult, but that’s only because he is low on his hug retrieval.  Yup, he has a certain number of hugs he likes to receive every day otherwise he begins to be a bit cranky, well you can see that in the photos below:

Art Centre 1

Art Centre 4

While the other BeSpoke’s can usually handle each other’s, um…idiosyncrasies, I think Adams (purple), Oneil (orange) and Kingsley (pink and green) are not amused by Zepher’s behaviour.  While Oneil seems to be being stepped on, Adams I think is edging further and further out of the basket.

Well, I brought Zepher some celery and gave him some hugs.  He should be okay for a few hours at least.  Zepher tried to look nonchalant afterward, but I don’t think he looks as collected as he might like.

Art Centre 7

During the commotion, the BeSpoke Monster Hugs seemed to be just fine, they are all cozied up inside the basket, and apart from the occasional bounce around the shop when no one is looking, I think they are happy to hang out there for a while.

Art Centre 10

The only one I’m a bit worried about is Memphis.  It seems he needed some alone time and wandered off from the rest of them.

Art Centre 5

See?  He looks sad, doesn’t he?  I spoke to him, brought him some miso soup and onions and finally found out what the issue was.  You see Memphis loves chasing and terrorizing dust bunnies, dust rhinos, any sort of dust being he can find.  There are none of those there at the Art Centre, so he was feeling a bit bored and sad.  I suggested he think about all the fun he’s had with dust beings in the past to cheer himself up.  He did, and it worked!  He has re-joined the rest and isn’t so sad looking.

Well that’s what the majority of the BeSpokes are up to, and while they are there, Hendrix and I are renovating this site – well we would be if I could tear him away from his book…

Hendrix Reading

it’s a grey Saturday anyway, I think I will get some reading done too!

Have a wonderful hug-filled day!



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