The Papery


Hello and happy Friday!

I didn’t post for a couple of days – well in true ‘me’ fashion, I have now busied myself with three projects at once.  Yup…three.  Which, by the way, makes for a very messy studio.  It’s a controlled mess, though, and it means that I am happy and productive.

The photos above do not do those paper cuttings justice.  The white one is the one I was going for, it is sitting on a dark grey background and it looks stunning.  The black paper cutting is a copy and was white, but I have covered it in a black ink called ‘Eternal’.  I like both of them.  I wonder which is your favourite?

I am still working on Thread Moose, but I have started something else that I am very excited about and that is getting all my attention.  It is going to be completed in parts so when I get one part finished I will post it here.

Until next post…have a happy Friday!



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