BeSpoke Monsters

Introducing Larry

Yay – a new BeSpoke Monster in my Etsy shop, the first of 2017.  Larry is a fine monster…here’s a little bit about him:

Larry came to the studio with flowers, not for anyone…he just loves them and likes to have them near. When he introduced himself, he whispered. I thought that this was on account of him being shy – nope he just likes to whisper – except when he says ‘goodbye’ to anyone – it’s a little jarring when it happens, but you get used to it.

Larry is about 20 inches from head to foot and weights about 1.157 lbs. When he is not whispering or yelling goodbye, Larry likes to make ice cubes, count to 98 while folding paper, and climb bookshelves. His favourite foods include bananas, black olives, swiss chard and blue cheese. Larry’s favourite colour is always green except on Tuesdays. On Tuesdays his favourite colour is orange.

That is his profile information on Etsy.  Here’s the link: Larry the BeSpoke Monster

Until next post…




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