BeSpoke Monsters

Monsters in…Monsters out…

Both Augie and Larry were adopted this past week or so, and in the meantime, Harold (the monster with the wolf-like fur) was introducing himself to the other monsters in the studio and, of course me.

Every time a monster gets adopted we have a party – complete with balloons and cake – lots of cake.  So this past week has been very sweet indeed.  Each monster is sent to his new home with a certificate explaining his likes and dislikes, and even some of their…um…idiosyncrasies.  This information is also available in the Etsy listing for the monster.  For example here is the information for Harold:

Harold has been in the studio for a while now, but I had to wait to introduce him to you. He had to check out everything about the studio, me and how everything works before he even sat down and told me his name. Harold introduced himself to every monster in the studio, sat down and got to know them. He is very process oriented.

Harold is about 20 inches from head to foot and weights about 1.157 lbs. When he’s not inspecting everything and everyone around him, Harold likes to read encyclopedias and instruction manuals for just about anything you can imagine, play poker, and learn different animal sounds. Presently he is learning how to growl like a snow leopard. Harold giggles at things you’ll never understand.

The certificate also includes a photo and is signed by me – Head BeSpoke Monster Wrangler.

Until next post…




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