The Papery

Little Things

It’s been a few days, I know – my apologies!!  I have been working on different binding techniques with moderate success.  Again, though, practice will help.  I tried these mini books.  They are simply folded and glued – sweet little things.  The green one is the first one I did:

This worked rather well I think.  It is 1 1/2 inches tall, 3/4 of an inch thick and has 9 pages. There are a few minor flaws.  The paper I used is really thick and I love the colour, but when folded or cut this paper shows white.  There is white between the front and back of  it, and that white shows through on the books corners.  Also one of the pages stuck to another and when I pulled them apart the page ripped a little and so there is a little white spot.

Then I made the black one:

This one is 1 3/4 inches tall, 1/32 wide and has 5 pages.  The paper for the pages is just white copier paper, but the cover is the same sort of paper as the green one.  However a little sharpie fixed any white corners or edges showing.  Still a sweet little book though.  I will have to make more.

I also tried a bit of Japanese Binding, and while the binding part was relatively easy, my measurements were a tad off so the book is a little well….off:


That’s the front.  I used heavy cardboard for the covers and wrapped them in handmade paper.  It is 5 inches tall, 1/2 inch wide and  has 53 pages.  I like the stitching – the little bit you can see in the second stitch down from the top is there on purpose, I like the look of the knot there for some reason.

You can see from the photos, the wonky angle of that stitch…so the cover ended up sitting high at the top and bottom in that left hand side.  And the paper I used as a lining on the inside – again the same paper that shows white, but the red is gorgeous:



After taking this photo, I noticed that on the inside of the cover,  white spots were already showing – so that means with a little use, the red wouldn’t look as pretty.

All in all, I think these were successes, and I have learned about paper, and glue…and patience (a little).  I am determined to make a ton more books though, and I’d like to combine some paper cutting and maybe even some monster fur…who knows?  🙂

Until next post,



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