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Paper Marbling

Okay, yesterday I wrote (in my post) that I would probably write another post yesterday…well I didn’t – my apologies!  But hey I’m here now!!

Okay, so this is my first attempt at paper marbling -I can’t tell you how fun it is!!  I followed what is called the Suminagashi Paper Marbling technique.  All you need is a bin for water that can sit on a flat surface, maybe the word ‘tub’ is a better term.  But it shouldn’t be too much bigger than your paper.  Then you need ink. I happened to have some black ink on hand…I’m not sure if it the right ink – at first I didn’t think so because it wasn’t really working well.  Anyway you also need some dish soap and water.

It’s probably best if you watch the video that I did  by Crystal Shaulis here:

Suminagashi Paper Marbling DIY Japanese Water Marbling (How to Marble Paper)

She explains it really well, and her work is fantastic!!  Here are three more papers that I did:

I am really happy with the result – it makes me want to run out and get the proper ink and some colours too!  🙂

I’m going to use them in my book binding – I can’t wait!

Okay, until next post,



7 thoughts on “Paper Marbling

  1. just started doing this recently myself! in addition to the proper type inks – high flow acrylic paint from Golden Paints (it’s quite liquidy) works great too. hope you’ll post more of your suminagashi, they look great so far and will make gorgeous book covers!

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