The Papery

Paper Making & Shaving Cream

It’s been a long time, I know…I’ve gotten so busy!!  But busy is good – it always seems to make me have more time.

Well I’ve now begun making paper.  We have a lot of scrap paper here in the studio so that, along with my intense love of paper lead me to today’s morning creative outburst of making paper.  The first one didn’t work out very well, it was very thick and muddy green.

First handmade paper

But these other ones – I love them.

So, I ripped up some paper from the recycling bin and the shredder, oh and some from other paper projects that are currently on the go, and soaked them in water – not for too long, in fact I think I could have skipped the soaking stage all together.  I also added some petals from a beautiful but dying orange rose.  Then I put the wet paper in a blender, added some water then blended until I had a pulp.

The pulp is then added to a bin of water.  Then I dipped my home made screen into the water to gather the pulp:

Paper making screen

I made the screen out of a dollar store canvas (stripped the canvas off to use for something else) and a roll of screen – like the screen on your windows – that I got from the hardware store.  Easy – right?

Anyway, I am pretty happy with the results, but I am willing to try again.  The paper is still drying, so I’m still not sure how it will all look dry, but I’m definitely excited!!

Oh right the shaving cream.

Well…so I found some videos on YouTube about paper marbling using shaving cream.  So, naturally I had to try it.  While I was at the dollar store getting stuff for paper making, I bought cans of regular shaving cream and some acrylic paint.  You can use food colouring and probably ink as well.

So you line the bin with the shaving cream and  drop in some colour – then move it around the shaving cream with a toothpick or the other end of a paintbrush – whatever you prefer, and whatever you feel like really!

Here’s a picture of the shaving cream and the colour before I moved or swirled it around…

Shaving Cream 2

And the only two that kind of worked out for me:

I think it’s safe to say that I haven’t yet mastered this particular method…but it was fun.  I really like the blue one, and the green one is on yellow paper and I’m sure I can come up with a way to use it somewhere…somehow…in a book or something.  We’ll see…it might even be ripped up to create more paper!! 🙂

Since I really didn’t do this method justice by explaining or showing it well, here’s a link to the video I watched:

DIY Marble Art with Shaving Cream | Sea Lemon

And while you’re there, look around – Sea Lemon is one of my favourite channels- she does a fantastic job of explaining and showing.  Her videos are easy to watch, listen to and are never complicated or boring.

Well there you have it.  This is what I’ve been up to – until next post,




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