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Jumping on the Junk Journal Bandwagon

Well it was bound to happen right?  I mean what with my love for paper, vintage things and making books…yup.  So here’s the one I made.  The first one I’ve finished actually.  I am going to be listing it in my fledgling paper shop on Etsy.  I have a shop for the BeSpoke Monsters too, that one is way more established – if only I could combine Monsters and Journals…I’ll work on it.

Okay, here is the front, back and side view of the closed journal.  I made the cover from a file folder and scrapbook paper, it stays closed with an elastic with two heart buttons.  It is 5.5 inches tall and 4.2 inches wide and has two signatures with sixteen pages each (so 32 pages to write/draw/glue things on).  There are tea dyed pages, home made paper pages, a few lined pages and white plain pages.



So Junk Journals contain lots of cards and envelopes, tags, little bits of ephemera and little journalling notebooks.  There are plenty of blank pages in the book as well.  So here’s some pages from the first signature.

This firs inside cover and page has little interesting bits, as well as an envelope with a message from me in it to the prospective junk journalist.

Junk Journal 4

A few random pages…



I’ve attached Robert Frosts’ The Road Not Taken – printed on tea dyed paper and separated by stanzas:

Junk Journal 12

Here is the center of the book;

Junk Journal 14

There is a little envelope inside the right side of this map, hidden from view, but it’s one of my favourite things in this little journal.

Here are some random pages from the second signature:



And finally the back inside cover:

Junk Journal 30

The back cover also contains a hidden little notebook that I love, and an empty envelope for filling with sweet little things.

So there you have it.  I really like it, and I am going to list it later today, if you want to see the listing it will be here: Magic and Mud Papery.

Thank you so much for visiting, and please, leave a comment if you have a second or two.

Please take care!




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