The Papery

Little Gifts

“And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul”…Anonymous

While making journals filled with little books, I was playing around with making tiny envelopes – I’m not exactly sure why…but these things happen.

So I made a few, and then decided I was going to make a couple, put a quote or something inside and leave them somewhere during a walk through Forest City.  I really love the idea of someone walking and finding a little gift, a mysterious “why the heck is this here” kind of gift.  Of course it’s entirely possible that the tiny envelopes and their equally tiny messages will be lost to the wind or rain or to an animal or even a bird for nest making, but I think it’s worth the chance.


So the bottom two photos are the envelopes in their separate locations waiting to be found.

I may continue this practice, it makes me happy.  I wonder, though, how I could change it up…hmmm I will think about it and get back to you – oh and of course if you have any suggestions I’m all ears!!

Have a lovely weekend!


P.S. Oh and I fixed the link (by actually adding it) to my last post for the Magic and Mud Papery it’s here too if you’re interested.



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