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Searching for Artistic Focus

I am quite scattered, it seems, with what I am producing.  I have been interested in books, little books, journals, and before that paper – paper cutting etc.  Each thing I attempt seems to lead me to the next.  I suppose in the long run, that’s how one finds one’s focus, the ‘thing’ that spurs you on to continue creating and delving into the layers of creativity that make up oneself and lends itself to individual expression.

Hmmm.  That sounds a little lofty – but I am searching.  There IS something about paper that satisfies me, and the look of some paper on others, and some techniques that are applied to paper whose beauty makes me pause in appreciation.

But I am feeling a bit stuck.  So.  I did something today I haven’t done in quite some time.  I made something for myself!  Yup – I made myself a sketch/workbook, one that is comfortable, and distiinctly mine.  I love it.  And yes I do have photos!  🙂

Here’s the front cover, it is made from a file folder, with sewing pattern paper, tea bags, tea stained paper and cheesecloth:


I used sketch book paper, lined paper and tea stained paper to fill it:

And the back cover, file folder, sewing pattern paper, tea bags, tissue paper and again cheesecloth:

I love this book.  I am hoping that it inspires me to draw and write and sketch like no one is looking – to uncover what is, I think, brimming and bubbling to come out.

Here’s hoping!

I hope you have had a lovely wonderful Sunday!



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