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Completed Custom Journal!

It took a little longer than I had originally planned, but when you are making something for a friend to give to another friend – you want it to be pretty darn close to perfect, right?

I am still new at this, but I am happy with the results.

I have to say, I have watched a lot of videos on YouTube, and the most inspiring, most beautiful work comes from this channel:  Jibid Neary .  Her journals are so incredibly beautiful….I have copied some of her ideas, the graphics with sewing around them, and little tags to pull them out.  I think probably more things, like including plant clippings etc.  You should check her stuff out – amazing.

Also, before I get into the actual journal, most of the graphic images comes from this page: The Graphics Fairy .  An incredibly generous site.  I haven’t become a premium member yet, but it’s sure to happen in the next little while.

Finally some of the stamped images come from stamps I found at an antique market, but the best ones come from a busy little shop right here in London, Ont.  It’s called:       Stamp Art  a great shop if you’re in the area.

Okay, so this journal is 7 x 6 inches, and is about 1 1/2 inches wide, give or take a bit.  Here’s some of the outside views:

The cover is a file folder covered in layers of sewing pattern paper, and tissue paper.  I had a little less tissue paper before, but I think it probably looked more unfinished than the ‘rustic/artsy’ look I was going for (ahem).  You can see that at the top and side there are a few little bits – the little bits are little pearls and a glass bead or two – in my former ‘what am I going to do with my life’ – I thought I would try my hand at jewellery so I have a lot of bits I can use.  (I wasn’t terribly good at it, and seeing as how I don’t wear a lot of jewellery, that’s not at all surprising).

So basically this journal is made up of tea dyed paper, marbled paper and handmade paper, all done by myself.  The embellishments are from various pads of paper, some washi tape and lots of glue.  There are also some little bits of fabric, and some hand-pressed flowers and leaves.  Mostly pressed my me, but there are a few that I actually bought!  I had no idea you could buy little packages of pressed flowers.  Anyway.

Here are some of my favourite pages.

Okay here is a direct copy of something from Jibid Neary’s process, two tags with the definition of Journal on them, the definition is split between the two, and so you have to put them together to read it – clever huh?  I added the stamp on the back:

I love it.  You can also see the pressed plant on the opposite page, that’s one of the store bought ones.  It’s cool and everything, but it’s pretty dry, so I had to glue the whole thing to the page to stop the little leaves from breaking off.

Another direct copy from Jibid Neary’s process is this:

A little window with a little cutting inside.  Sigh – so sweet.  Although my cuttings seem to be floating a bit.  The window is between two of my marbled papers.

One of my favourite things in this journal is this little magnet-clasped paper thing (technical term):

There it is.  I don’t know why I love it so much, but I really do.  The dragonfly stamp is really pretty too.  There is also a little opening on the side with a few little images that the person can look at and write on the back of.

Okay, finally here are some of my other favourite pages:

So there you have it.  There are 22 pages in two signatures, so that’s about 44 pages.  Oh and I forgot to mention that there is lined paper and pages from a children’s book included as well.  Whew!

I was a little sad finishing it, and I will be a little sad to see it go – but if the person who is receiving it loves it – then I will be over the moon!! 🙂 So it goes.

I am already thinking about the next one, maybe a theme as well – we’ll see.

As always, thank you for visiting I really appreciate it!

Take care,




2 thoughts on “Completed Custom Journal!

  1. Mish…I’ve needed time to find the words to express the sheer beauty of every page, every delicious detail, and all of the hidden gems (assuming I have discovered them all…probably not :), in my precious junk journal. It is a masterpiece. I have begun to use it. It makes me play like a little girl, tuck away goals, dreams, favourite quotations, sketch, and write sentences in spirals if I want to. Little scared at first, but now ideas burst forth! To see my journal in stages of development is utterly amazing to view. It makes me treasure this commissioned artwork all the more. As a painter, I love seeing the process. Your writing too, is in technicolour and all of your creations are evidence of your bottomless imagination. You inspire me. I am in my studio surrounded by canvasses, paper, and paint. You’ve delivered to me a boost of energy and creativity. Thank you most sincerely.

    1. Heather! Gosh, thank you so so much. It is so wonderful to get this feedback. It is so easy to sit in my little studio and worry about how well some of the things I make fare in the world!! Thank you again ❤

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