Beautiful Art in Card Form


This is just a little post to show off my friend Heather’s beautiful art.  Now, The photos are really not great, in fact kinda bad – I tried to do these little masterpieces justice, but you will just have to trust me – they are gorgeous!  The first one is my favourite (and the feature photo), but then again I think they all have a beautiful charm – here they are:

Heather Card 1

Heather Card 2

Heather Card 3

Heather Card 4

These are cards from her paintings.  I can only imagine how wonderful the paintings are!  I am not entirely sure I can part with any of them 🙂

She is not on any site like Etsy – but I’m working on it.  Let me know if you are interested in a set of these beautiful cards.

In the meantime, I am working on a hard cover journal, and I have just finished another custom journal.  I will try to take photos of it, and maybe even a sneak peak of the new, uncompleted hard-cover journal.

Again, and as always, thank you for visiting!



2 thoughts on “Beautiful Art in Card Form

  1. Thank you Mish, you are very kind! Just off to twirl some paint brushes and get a July painting started 🙂 A little something about the daisy painting…we had a wonderful, spontaneous daisy field appear a couple of years ago, here at the cottage. We photographed them tons. I love daisies. This painting was inspired by one “mature” flower. It is named “Aging Gracefully”. So much beauty in the less than perfect : ). That said “Rose” was an absolutely perfect blossom!

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