The Papery

Friday Printing Love

Hello and Happy Friday!

I have been spending all morning playing with printing.  I think I’m in love.  I have more to learn (way more), but I love the way these images turned out – and it’s an incredibly easy process!

As much as I love all of them, for some reason the black and white ones make my heart swell:

I just love them.  I printed them on the paper I made, I think that adds to the … um…hmmm…messy? no grainy (yes grainy) look of them.

The ones with colour are pretty cool too, look:

The first one (the one on the left) was also printed on my handmade paper, the other two are on pages from a large French to English Dictionary that I bought for three dollars at the library store in town.  I like the right and the left ones – I’m not too sure about he middle one, but it has possibilities.

Finally there are two that the bird image seemed to fade- they, I think are good starting points for some other work:

I love them.  The reddish/pinkish one doesn’t actually have the little strip of writing on it, I just placed it there – well because I like the way it looks – it will probably become part of that page.  🙂

There were a few more made in the process, but the ones I’ve singled out are my favourite and I think show the most promise.  It is really addicting, in fact, I think I will sign off, and spend the rest of the afternoon printing away!!!

Please have a wonderful weekend, and thank you very much for dropping by – it means a lot to me, and encourages me to keep posting!  Thank you!



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